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About Us

     With an objective to provide high quality electronic instruments and equipment, Beta Engineers was incorporated in 1988. We are a reputed and leading manufacturer of products like Measuring Instruments, Frequency Counters, DC Power Supply, Signal Generators, Function Generators,etc. Our principle companies are Goodwill Instrument Co. Ltd., Acute Technology Inc., Adroit, and Leap Electronics Co. Ltd. We are also a renowned service providers offering various CAD and CAM services to our worldwide clients. We manufacture these equipment products under the brand name of ADROIT. Our products are user-friendly and have constantly proved themselves both in terms of quality and reliability. Our range of instrument are widely in demand in electro mechanical industry, automobile industry, as well as the government defence organizations. We are also associated with the DRDO labs which gives our company more credibility.

    We also present high end technology driven electronic test and measuring equipment like Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Supply, and other Accessories. Apart from this, we have attained expertise in offering various turnkey solutions to our customers, which offers 100% customer satisfaction. With over 2 decades of experience in this industry, we have gained immense accolades from clients all over the world. today, we are serving and satisfying over 10,000 customers in India as well as overseas.